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Social Media and Search Engine

Social Media and Search Markeing becoming popular now a days. Today every marketers must be focused on both Social and Search.Search engine marketing remains the best for lead generation, but social media marketng takes the cake for raising brand awareness and interactivity.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing benefits:

generate Brand awreness

Increase traffic and subscribers

Improve Search Ranking

Search Engine Marketing benefits:

Increase website traffic

Increase lead generation

Generate brand awareness

How They Weigh In

For Lead Generation

For every business lead generation is top level goal of digital marketing initiatives. As per the observations search marketing gives better lead generation results than Social media.

For Brand Awareness

According to marketing specialist, social media is effective for exposer and brand awareness. Mostly people spend thier time on social sites and if you want to be visible then social media gives one of the best door where you can find your customer.

For Locale Business Visibility

When customer looking for the locale business they really rely on search engine instead social media. Search trumps social for finding near by services like restaurents, bakery, Boutique.

For Interactivity

Social media trumps SEO and paid ad when it comes to interactivity. According to observation Interactivity level is 64% through and 54% through SEO.

The Power of Both

Modern marketing changes to search algorithm to inlude social. The growing impact of the social media, search rankings suggests marketers will have to equipe both search marketing and social media marketing to come out ahead.

50% marketers say Social Media impacted thier SEM.

Both social media marketing and seach engine marketing gives best benefits to the organizations. Both are important for each other although work independently. Presence of both is important in order to get good ranks as well traffic. It also depends upon the type of business you are running.

When both are paired together then any organization can get their marketing succcess.


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