Veetly Google AdWords Management Services

We make Google AdWords Campaign Successful for your Business Growth. Let us Manage your Google AdWords paid search campaign that will deliver sales and leads with a positive ROI.
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  • We manage your Google AdWords account targeting the keywords that will drive buyers to your site.
  • We’ll research keywords and costs to determine which keywords have the potential to give you the Best ROI
  • Determining the keyword to bid on is called the foundation of a successful campaign.
best Keyword Strategy
  • We will create effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your target cost per sale or lead.
  • We will create and modify Multiple ad variations to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.
  • You will get more engagement by investing in Google AdWords campaigns and Management.
AdWords Campaign Management Service
  • Your AdWords landing page is your key chance to convince the customer to convert – to buy your product.
  • Specific landing pages that speak directly to the user’s search query will have a positive impact on your AdWords account and, most importantly, drive more conversions.
  • Veetly’s Landing Pages & Leads tool lets you create well-designed custom landing pages with our easy-to-use page wizard
Landing pages Development

We Create Best Strategies for PPC Campaign management

Write Ad-Copy

We focus strictly on the age group’s keywords to ensure the higher traffic and more growth at the lower cost.

Plan Keyword

By placing the right keywords in the right place, we use the best techniques to target the keywords and ensure to cover the right area.

PPC Strategy

We develop a proper plan of action and strategies to deliver the desired result and help you to achieve the main objective of your company.

Ad extension

We provide you with the ad extension technique to transform your ad text and make you stand out of the crowd, differently.

Shopping Ads

We focus on Promoting your business product via a Product listing and Shopping campaign. And we choose the best keyword for your product at the right place.

Tracking and Reporting

We ensure tracking and reporting every data to optimize the account going forward. To offer meaningful insight, we provide the reports on a regular basis.

How Does Veetly AdWords Campaign management Works?

Initial Analysis & Implementation

With an established AdWords account, we will analyze historical data to find what performs most favorably, and tailor other parts to perform in a similar fashion. We will then change bidding options, keywords, ad text, and destination links to align with our goals.

Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

Our reports show which keywords are creating leads or sales and which are not. We monitor this to be sure we are focusing on the keywords that are working best and targeting specific phrases.

Search Network Advertising

We monitor progress and engagement of your search network advertising to adjust bigs, ads, and keywords to best reflect the traffic that will engage most positively on your site.

Ad Variation & Testing

Multiple ads will be tested using A/B testing methods to determine which ads lead to the highest click-through and conversion rates.

Monthly Maintenance

All aspects of the account will be reviewed each month to determine what areas can be improved and to be sure the campaign is running smoothly. Negative keywords and changes to your keywords will constantly be made to improve results.

Social Media Optimization, SMO

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